An illustrated talk about composition for landscape photographers  
My talk Beyond the Horizon provides a comprehensive guide to composition in landscape photography.  The talk is illustrated with many images and diagrams that will encourage experienced photographers to consider their compositions more deeply by understanding the psychology of perception whilst helping newer photographers to improve their understanding of the basics of composition.

Topics covered in the talk include:
      > the well-known "rules" of composition, where they come from and whether we should follow them
      > the impact of where we place a horizon
      > what we can learn from Gestalt theory and how to apply it to our photography
      > visual hierarchy and visual weight
      > creating harmony and balance
      > why people find some images appealing and others less appealing

      > why we should be aware of cognitive load when composing our images
      > how to control what people look at when they see your images.

The talk itself lasts approx 1.5 hours and can be structured with a tea / comfort break in the middle.
As an optional extra, the talk can conclude with a group review of images submitted anonymously by members to analyse their compositions in the light of the content of the talk.

If you would like to arrange for me to talk at your club, please send me a message via my contact page.

Previous and upcoming presentations of Beyond the Horizon include:

- Crosby Camera Club (September 2024)
- Formby Photo Group (October 2023)
- Irby Artists (July 2023)

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